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Every Child Should get quality Education

  • Every child attends school.
  • Every child attains, effectively, the minimum levels of learning.
  • The community is actively involved in the betterment of the schools, thereby encouraging a mass campaign for primary education.

The Why, What, When, Where & How

Why: The bigger picture
When you consider that 85% of children in India study in government schools, it becomes obvious that any meaningful effort to improve the quality of education in our country has to start here.

Fortunately, it has: Central and state government initiatives have improved accessibility, facilities and teaching standards in public schools. But with a rapidly growing population of children of school-going age, it is apparent that a great deal more has to be achieved…and achieved quickly. But there are limitations on how much the government can do. Realising this, many state governments of which the Karnataka government is a forerunner have launched initiatives in which they partner with NGOs to nurture schools and enhance learning outcomes.

WHAT: Our role in the effort
We are one of the pioneers to be involved in this cause. Working in collaboration with state governments, we have created a replicable model that improves learning levels in the public education system in rural and semi-urban areas. This makes education more genuinely holisitic. Which, in turn, makes the process of learning truly enjoyable.

HOW: Methods and modalities
Most of the signature initiatives of the program came up through interaction with the kids and the teachers; accordingly they are based on a commonsense approach to the issues involved. The best of these ideas are then put to test and fine-tuned in a few representative schools, before being implemented statewide.

We achieve our goals through careful planning and consultation, constant review and the employment of professional tools like quantitative targets and time schedules.

Get Involved

We wouldn't have sailed so far in our mission without support and we still need it to continue in future. Countless individuals and organizations have provided generous services through donations and products, to make Sikshana possible. We are grateful for all the help that we received and welcome any form of support that you can lend. Be a part of our mission in making a difference! Sikshana model has evolved over time and views a school holistically, encompassing all the key elements; children, teachers, community and government. We have realised that program specific interventions such as ‘reading-only’ or ‘technology input-only’ will not suffice. In the current Sikshana model, a school with 100 children typically will need an investment of Rs. 30,000 per annum to make a significant improvement in the learning levels. Any form of support from individuals/corporate will be beneficial for us in embarking on our journey

News & Updates

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"In accordance with God's plan, Matruboomi is committed to finding families for homeless children, as every child deserves a permanent family of his/her own".

"Our vision is to eradicate poverty and to change the life of the people suffering from poverty by making them self sustainable."

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