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Mathrubhoomi seva Foundation



Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation
Kamakshipalya Branch, Bangalore
SB A/c. : 122900101006898
IFSC Code CORP0001229

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Work on nation

Individual Development leads to National Development – India is going to be young with 29 years as working Indian average age by the year 2020 and our students are going to get global opportunities. It is very essential to ignite global skills with Indian values to make India a global leader.

Our ex Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh said “We are going to be 25% of world’s work force with our growing youth who require education, training and skills” and our people’s President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam declared “A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up – and succeed”.

Mathrubhoomi believes in the holistic development of an individual and has been imparting life skills in order to give the right perspective to life. Lead India is a systematic, scientific and focused approach to guide mind towards Overall Development of an Individual. Training programmes are conducted to the youth igniting global skills with Indian values to make India a global leader in schools, colleges etc.

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The Future of India depends upon the quality of education imparted to our children. We have 48,987 Government Primary and High schools in the State catering to the educational needs of about one crore children who are mostly from the low and middle strata of the society. Mathrubhoomi  believes that it is the joint responsibility of the Government and citizens to improve school education, to provide incentives like mid-day meals, improve school infrastructure. The objective of our school adoption program is to convert backward rural and urban Government Schools into Model Schools so that they are on par with the best run city schools in terms of infrastructure and academic performance with extracurricular activities.

CurrentlyMathrubhoomi is supporting 5 schools in Bangalore impacting 500+ children and we strive to better their educational experience by improving their surroundings and infrastructure to ensure a safe learning environment, quality education and improved academic performance along with extracurricular activities and character development. Mathrubhoomi works closely with the School staff, organizing teacher trainings on effective management of students and classes. We assist the children by providing them necessary learning equipment such as free uniforms, shoes, school kits, drinking water facilities and periodical healthcare facilities. This is found to improve overall attendance and prevent drop outs.

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A natural step towards the welfare of a society is to work on improving its health. Mathrubhoomi is responding to this need by organizing health camps for the students of the school and also the residents of the slums surrounding it. Free general check-ups help us recognize health issues at the basic stage so the necessary plan of action can be mapped.

These are small duration camps organized in different Government schools on the basis of health needs. These health camps aim at promoting health seeking behavior in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps also majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailments, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation. These camps provide comprehensive health services free of any cost.

On similar lines, Eye Pledge and Blood donation drives are also conducted as a part of awareness programme.

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