COVID-19 Relief Work (Since March 2020)

In the wake of the pandemic and ensuing lockdown, we want to draw your attention to the grave situation which vulnerable and high-risk groups face. These are trying times and people across the world, having faced the emerging dangers are making an effort to stay healthy mentally as well as physically within the safe spaces of their homes.

owever, everyone is not as privileged and have to face the hardships which are now amplified by the pandemic! We have all seen heart-wrenching images of the daily wage workers and read about the increasing number of domestic violence which women are facing. The homeless young women too belong to these groups, where many were rebuilding their lives but the lockdown has put a stop to all their life plans, putting them in situations where they may again become homeless.

The COVID-19 crisis has played havoc with everyone's lives, however, its repercussions were felt by the marginalised sections the most! The daily wage workers, migrants, those without ration cards, and many such groups are left with no work, income, essentials, and even home! As a collective, our team identified and distributed essentials kits to 152 such families. We have been able to reach out to families in different parts of Karnataka District and plan to assist more families in the coming months.