Seva Foundation

Mathrubhoomi Blood Donation Camp

Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation Blood Donation is a major concern to the society as donated blood is lifesaving for individuals who need it in the pandemic situation.There is a shortage to active blood donors to meet the need of increased blood demand. Blood donation as a therapeutic exercise. Globally, approximately 80 million units of blood are donated each year. and this is our 5Th time doing a Blood Donation Camp in large Scale

One of the biggest challenges to blood safety particularly is accessing safe and adequate quantities of blood and blood products. Good knowledge about blood donation practices is not transforming in donating blood. Interactive awareness on blood donation should be organized to create awareness and opportunities for blood donation.

Blood donation could be therefore recommended that voluntary blood donations as often as possible may be therapeutically beneficial to the donors in terms of thrombotic complications and efficient blood flow mechanisms. This is also a plus for blood donation campaigns.