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Mathrubhoomi Foundation

Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation is one of India’s largest youth volunteering organizations. Thousands of volunteers from several cities across India contribute towards education, women empowerment, environment and other causes. Our volunteers, comprising students and young professionals under the age of 40, dedicate a few hours every week towards the holistic development of under-privileged children. MSF provides socially-conscious students and young professionals a platform to serve society and to bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned through education.

Let us assume an individual, unfortunately, meets with unhealthy kid. His medical expenses and hospital bills start piling up. Now kid family needs ₹2 Lakh to pay his expensive Hospital & medical bills. Fortunately, his family or Public inform to Mathrubhoomi Seva Foundation, submitting valid documents needed for verification. In a few minutes, We start funding campaign to raise funds for kid hospital or medical expenses. Now, this campaign can be shared with all his near and dear ones through WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. In a matter of few minutes, funds start coming in to support the financial needs of the unhealthy kid.

More about us

Mahesh (Mathrubhoomi seva Founder) has always believed that helping people and serving the society to make it a better place is the soul purpose of life without which no one can prosper.
He has always been the first and swiftest to provide aid to anyone in need without asking any questions. Due to his strong belief he has accomplished monumental goals in his life and continues to do so. He wishes that through Mathrubhoomi seva foundation he can spread the awareness and help make peoples life more fulfilling.

To start any other activities to encourage and develop social and economics standards children, orphans and poor people. To provide facilities for disabled and orphans in rural and urban area.

orgainsing and running free medical camps, rural medical services, medical checkups, research in eradication of diseases health education and provide all such services, medical kits and medical relief to the needy poor, destitute, handicapped kids

Mission: "In accordance with God's plan, Matruboomi is committed to finding families for homeless children, as every child deserves a permanent family of his/her own".
Vission : "Our vision is to eradicate poverty and to change the life of the people suffering from poverty by making them self sustainable."